About Us

Who are we?

We are Roozee Australia, a high quality sheepskin footwear store, offering you a risk free and fast delivery service. Our product comes in great design and quality for men, women and kids. Roozee Australia products are timeless, made to fit, durable and each of our products is as a result of our unique design approach. 

Why are we here? 

Our project is simple – we want high quality, latest trend options without the heavy-hitting price tagsOur products are just more than shoes; it’s a style, comes in good design, quality and offers you comfort.

What our promise? 

We deliver premium quality sheepskin products at affordable price for men, women and kids. Our high quality product is an indication of our innovation, determination and years of experience. The products are designed through superior craftsmanship and commitment, offering you comfort and style.

Why are we different? 

At Roozee Australia we keep up with the latest design trends, and offer you quick and effective delivery of our premium quality products.